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Do Crossfit Benefits Outweigh Risks? Depends On Proper Screening And Trainer

In a phone interview on Jan. 30, ACE Chief Science Officer Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., FACSM , discussed with me the reasons for the ACE study, as well as how the results can help exercise consumers considering CrossFit and other High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) forms, can ensure the safest, and most beneficial workout. More Photos View all 5 photos Performance based high intensity workouts such as CrossFit can generate increased fitness results, yet it is critical that individual ability levels and goals are taken into consideration, comments Bryant. In order to achieve the right benefits and avoid injury, as with most forms of exercise, it comes down to the quality of the instructor or coach in order to ensure workouts are appropriate and fulfilling individual needs. Max Workouts free The CrossFit regimen combines a variety of functional movements at relatively high intensity. With the increased media attention and that high intensity workouts in general are in first place of ACSM's Top 20 Fitness Trends of 2014 , ACE sponsored the CrossFit study as a means to offer the public an unbiased opinion regarding the physiological outcomes to such training.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/do-crossfit-benefits-outweigh-risks-depends-on-proper-screening-and-trainer

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