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International Naval Exercise Begins

The exercise, beginning on Monday and running until March 7, is testing New Zealand's disaster response. It involves 14 nations, five military ships and 600 international personnel from places including Australia, China, the United States, France, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. The training scenario is set in the fictional and remote South Pacific island nation, the Barclay Islands, which has been devastated by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake and a powerful tsunami that followed, said the Royal New Zealand Navy, which organised the scenario. "Key shipping channels into the capital are cut off and mines and explosive remnants dating from World War II litter coastal waters." New Zealand personnel will lead the multinational task force to create new shipping routes to undamaged coast so aid supplies can be delivered. The Eastern Pacific Naval Symposium is the largest naval exercise New Zealand has hosted in decades. Last year, a large international military exercise took place in the lower South Island. Troops from around the world restored peace, security and law to a made-up Pacific nation called Mainlandia. Max Workouts program
More http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/21505081/international-naval-exercise-begins/

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